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REALBasic to version 5.0

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REALBasic to version 5.0 –

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Version 5.0 of REALBasic presented.

The popular program for building applications has been presented in recent days as accompanied by numerous new features. The main one is full compatibility and "homologation" with Mac OS X 10.2 and its interface. A metallic look and toolbars in full Aqua style are added, although it is still a Carbon application.

REALBasic 5.0 also now also introduces full interoperability of projects between the Mac version and the Windows version (which has not yet been released) and a plug-in system.

REALBasic 5 also supports certain Internet standards such as e-mail and HTTP classes and SSL and UDP communications, the latter being very useful for creating applications for network play.

Finally, it should also be noted that REALBasic 5 is still compatible with Mac OS 9

REALBasic 5 distributed in Italy by Active-Software

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