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Real music, compatibility with iPod photo

Real music, compatibility with iPod photo logomacitynet1200wide 1

With the launch of the new Rhapsody, the controversial "cross" compatibility of Real's digital music returns on the whole iPod line. To announce that the system thanks to which the songs downloaded from the Seattle company store can play on the Cupertino player, Real itself has been restored. "We are back to supporting the iPod," said Richard Wolpert, Real Strategy Chief Officer "both traditional and photo versions yesterday.

The compatibility of Rhapsody's songs with iPod a story that dates back to last fall. Then RealNetworks, with a process of reverse engineering, had overtaken the technical barriers posed by Apple in defense of the 'virtuous circle' that links iPod to music downloaded from iTunes. Apple had reacted immediately, first defining "hacker tactics" the choice of Real and, subsequently, modifying the firmware of some models, prevented the reading of Real's songs.

According to American media, compatible Rhapsody songs compatible with iPod are not those that include Microsoft's Janus technology and that play as long as you pay a subscription, but those that are downloaded from the store outright.

For the moment, no reaction from Apple, although in the face of the new danger posed by the "forced compatibility" imposed by Real, some legitimate move awaits it.

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