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Razer Phone and Razer controllers are compatible with Google Stadia

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Following the Stadia post of 18 February on the expansion of support for new Android devices, Razer announces that by virtue of the new controller compatibility on the streaming platform users can now play video games on Stadia using Razer products such as Junglecat, Raiju Mobile and the new Kishi universal mobile controller for Android and iOS.

The two Razer gaming smartphones, the Razer Phone reviewed by Macitynet and the more recent Razer Phone 2 – equipped with 120Hz display, dual Dolby Atmos speaker and 4,000 mAh battery – are also compatible with the Google Stadia streaming video game platform, antagonist par excellence of Apple Arcade.

Razer Phone and Razer controllers are compatible with Google Stadia

In addition to the two Razer phones and the three controllers mentioned above, Google Stadia recently also supported by Asus' ROG Phone and ROG Phone II and the Galaxy S8, S8 +, S8 Active, Note8, S9, S9 +, Note9, S10, S10E, S10 + , Note10, Note10 +, S20 and S20 + from Samsung.

At present the platform is clearly usable also by Google Pixel 2, 3 and 4 phones and by tablets, laptops and desktops, as well as TV boxes through Google Chromecast Ultra.

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We take advantage of the opportunity to also report that the Razer Cortex Mobile app launcher was updated on February 7 to include a new Analyzer that in Gaming Mode will show the Frame Per Second in the dedicated tab during gameplay on native applications.

Razer accessories and mobile devices are available on and at authorized dealers: the Razer Junglecat controller for sale (also on Amazon) at a price of 119.99 euros while the Razer Raiju Mobile costs 149.99 euros and also available on Amazon. Google Stadia instead available on the official website and through the Google Stadia app on Google Play.