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Rainbow Six in Italian

The tireless work of localizing games in Italian by Luciano Pecorella continues.

Luciano, who in the past has produced patches to "talk in our language" games like Ages Of Empire and Caesar, lets us know that Tom's Clancy Rainbow Six will soon be available for macgamers in Italy.

The title, very popular among Italian fans, bases most of its playability on dialogues and the interpretation of the texts presented in the interface essential for completing the missions. And the interface and the audio part are the components that Luciano converted into our language.

The "first" release includes only the actual game but not the additional pack included in it which will be released between the end of September and the beginning of October, as soon as the voice over of the voices is finished.

The file for the interface translation will weigh approximately 238KB, while the file for the entries will reach 27MB. Both are available from Luciano's site, Games4Mac

"In the past I have had great appreciation for my work – Luciano told us – and for this reason I decided to continue my work. As soon as work on Rainbow Six has finished, I will move on to something else, in particular the conversion of The Sims ”. The game could be available in our language already in November.