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Rai, page for the live broadcasts on iPad

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Rai had promised an iPad app on the occasion of the World Cup, the application has not yet been seen but fortunately a surrogate arrives: an HTML page with the highlight of the day visible on iPad.

To watch the video, which comes directly from Rai's HD feed and which shows the same "highlight" of the day, just click on the link An ad hoc formatted page will appear on the iPad with a window in the center with the live broadcast of the game (at the time of our visit Korea-Brazil was played even if the wording still reported the word Italy-Paraguay). By pressing the play button the streaming will start and you will have the possibility to stop the flow of the actions and resume them at will; another button sends the video in full screen with black bands (photo at the bottom of the article). The quality of the video is good, certainly higher than the one in Silverlight format that is sent to the Rai website for computers even if there are not all the options that are available if you watch the meeting via a traditional browser: other cameras, high-lights, tactics and rai on ipad

The technology used http live streaming in QuickTime format, as clear from the appearance of the QT icon when the image is stopped. The only drawback, which cannot be attributed to Rai, is the fact that the matches are not visible outside the Italian Internet network due to a geoblocker that prevents their use abroad, for obvious reasons of rights.

Although, as mentioned, the iPad application is missing, the fact that Rai has committed itself to creating an ad hoc page for the Apple tablet, the signal of a focus on Cupertino platforms never before. No, let's not forget that until some time ago direct and deferred, news programs and clips of state TV footage were completely inaccessible not only to those who didn't have a PC but even to those who didn't have Internet Explorer.

Thanks for the report to Fabio Bianchini

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