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Rai Mondiali: non-stop on the RAI website and an iPad application (which is not available)

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RAI has prepared an interesting editorial offer with a non-stop of over a month on the portal which will be available for live broadcasts, on demand and real-time news.

On the dedicated website, the 25 live streaming games will be offered with a feature called "highlights": highlights selected and tagged by the editorial staff. The highlights will also be active for the "catch up" function on the 25 Rai games scheduled for South Africa 2010, which allows you to entirely review the deferred matches.

Finally, Rai Sport's columns on the event (with summaries of all 64 World Cup matches), real-time news, insights, statistics and photo galleries will be available on demand.

As for the band, RaiNet has made it known that it has invested in Smooth streaming technology, which will allow the flow of data to adapt to the available band. A flexible management that – according to the company – will allow you to hook even the lowest ADSL connections, without the risk of incurring overloads.

Since the start of the 2010 World Cup, RAI had made it known, "anyone who installs the free RaiMondiali application, developed by RaiNet and Neos-mobc3, with iPad will be able to benefit from the application optimized for the new device recently launched on the market by Apple. You will then be able to watch the live and vod of the 25 most important matches in the World Cup, including of course all those of the Azzurri, access news in real time on everything that happens, rankings and curiosities ".

Too bad that the application, at least at the time of writing, has not yet been made available. If an approval problem, we ask ourselves how it was possible that RAI did not pose the problem in time, since other specific applications have been presented, approved and made available for more than two weeks.

(By Mauro Notarianni)