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Radiohead, new remixable disc on iTunes

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Radiohead, new remixable disc on iTunes logomacitynet1200wide 1

The success of Nude, the first song remixable by purchasing individual components on iTunes, pushes Radiohead to try again. Reckoner, a new song by the popular British band arrives in a 'dismembered' format and can be assembled as desired.

As in the previous case, the 'stems' (bass, voice, soloist, backing vocals, guitars, piano, strings and drums) can be purchased at the price of the single song; once downloaded they can be mixed as desired, creating original versions of the song. In the first two weeks, those who purchase the stems will be sent an access code to a Garageband file for opening in Garageband or Logic, even if these two programs are not essential.

The songs created by the fans can then be uploaded on the website where they can be voted on; You can also create a widget to have the remix rated from your website

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