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Radeon, ATI to the rescue

Radeon, ATI to the rescue | Macitynet.it

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ATI, after years of delays and humiliations, managed to produce a 3D card with absolute level performances, such as not to disfigure with the competition of Nvidia and 3dfx. This is the opinion of the usually reliable and competent GameCenter who was able to try the Radeon in AGP version that we will soon see also on Mac.ATI, according to the site, for the first time it manages to deliver to its users a product with not only a good quality in video reproduction (in particular in the DVD) but also with a frame rate and a sharpness of image in 3D superior to those of the competition. La Radeon except games that run at lower resolution and at 16-bit, games in which does not shine, wins across the board, according to Game Center. Are beaten, in one way or another, both at the Voodoo 5 and the "mythical" Nvidia GeForce 2 GTS although it must be said that from the benchmarks presented the GeForce manages to be superior to the Radeon, although not in all the tests and not always with appreciable differences.The defects? Mostly the price. The 64 MB AGP version with DDR Ram will cost about $ 400, a very high price if you consider that the competition is around $ 200. The versions with 16 MB of DDR Ram will cost a hundred dollars less; an alternative could be the 32 MB version with Ram SDR (Single Data Ram). We recall that on Macs, from what was learned in the MacWorld context, the 16 MB DDR versions should be installed. The card will be available on the market in September.

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