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R-Type coming to iPhone and touch

R-Type coming to iPhone and touch – Macitynet.it

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After appearing on almost every platform in the market, it began to seem strange that the classic R-Type, released in 1987 and still considered one of the most representative scrolling shooters, had not yet arrived on the iPhone and iPod Touch. The wait would seem to be ready to end, since EA Mobile has updated its official page on Facebook with some pictures of the game; unfortunately, together with the unpublished material, no information was communicated regarding a possible release date or the price of the application, but since the company tends to publish new material online shortly before launch, it is not wrong to assume that the publication is now near.

Nothing is known about the game itself, except that EA Mobile is doing everything to maintain the feeling of the original while adapting it to the characteristics of the new device: it will be possible to choose between three different control systems, based both on the touch screen than on the use of the accelerometer.

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