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Qwak, the duck that flew from Amiga to iPhone

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Qwak, the duck that flew from Amiga to iPhone –

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Some longtime players who grew up on video games for Amiga may remember Qwak, the colorful and fast-paced puzzle platform released in the 1990s. Well, Jamie Woodhouse has just launched on the App Store a version made specifically for iPhone and iPod Touch. As a nice duck, the player will have to overcome the various levels proposed, avoiding traps, opening doors and getting rid of the enemies that populate them. The controls are extremely simple: two arrows in one corner of the screen allow you to move left or right, while the buttons on the opposite side make the feathery protagonist jump on the platforms or shoot his eggs left and right.

The game flows at 60 fixed frames per second, with pleasant, colorful graphics and an exquisite retro appearance, while the soundtrack consists of ten chiptune tracks. The various levels hide secrets and bonuses to unlock, prompting the player to try again and again to discover them all. One wonders if updates will be published with new and unpublished levels, but for now Qwak offers 70 scenarios and 6 different worlds. For now the game available on the App Store at a cost of € 2.39.

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