Quokky, the pocket assistant, arrives

Quokky, the pocket assistant, arrives

Unapp that helps you remember, pay and keep all the paperwork you can't lose track of


Hands up who wants to pay fines and bills. The line would certainly not be as long as that found at the counter, but unfortunately this does not eliminate the unattractive tasks that, reluctantly or not, it is up to complete. Indeed, it must be done in the ways and times established by law to avoid further bleeding. To simplify these and many other operations that concern the document management and archiving born Quokky, an app that promises to be something halfway between an assistant and a pocket accountant.

Speaking of removals with friends, we realized how much paper it was actually necessary to carry around each time, says Filippo Veronese, one of the three co-founders of the Udine startup. Invoices, guarantees, receipts, financial and health packages go preserved for years and not losing pieces becomes as fundamental as it is difficult. The idea thus became that of creating something capable of to do in our place all those daily chores that we wouldn't want to attend to.

Since it is a personal assistant, the app had to be called Alfred (like Batman's butler butler), but then, also because of the difficulty of finding .com domains still free, he opted for a more original solution. The name Quokky derives from a particular marsupial, the quokka: the first because the app preserves in his pocket all important documents and according to why the Australian herbivore considered the happiest animal in the world.

Happiness, for app users, is developed on two sides. For end users to be able to receive, pay and keep all the various documents through a single platform (also integrated with Dropbox) practical and fast, as it eliminates the crowds at the counters and avoids dangerous (read: onerous) oversights. For companies and public administrations the elimination of paper notifications means saving not only time but also money.To the companies multiutility sending each individual envelope costs around € 1.20: eliminating them means cutting costs by around € 7 per year. A figure that is anything but ridiculous on the abacus of large service provider groups.

With Quokky companies and people communicate directly: just photograph a file to find it properly archived (function QMAGIC) and a tap is all it takes to process payments securely, thanks tosupport for Banco Popolare's YouPay Mobile system and Paypal. You are not the one having to enter the app alone, but you are warned that a notification has arrived or an important deadline is approaching., underlines Filippo.

Obviously it applies to those who have not activated the RID. Users who do not use it are more than 50%. And the figure is growing, because many prefer to keep the situation personally under control. The business model thus responds to the consumer trust deficit as well as to the economic needs of companies in difficulty. The app freemium but with all the main features available for free, while for the companies that want to affiliate there are no figures to pay in advance, but of the success fee to be paid at the end of the year, accounts in hand and only after verifying the actual savings.

The issue is interesting for both public administrations and private companies, particularly in times of credit crunch. We are in the process of advanced negotiation with a private company and a public one, as well as in talks with about twenty of the main Italian companies. After arriving in the final at Hack the Expo and successfully participating in the FinTech Accelerator, Quokky attracted the attention of a series of business angels and could soon be targeting large investment funds.

For now the downloads are at 10 thousand in a couple of months, without spending practically nothing in communication. The product available for both Android both for iOS and in development for Windows Phone and tablet platforms. The solution also features among the best Apple apps on the AppStore in 93 countries. A nice springboard to challenge foreign competitors like Doxo in the US (which also received the support of a certain Jeff Bezos) and Kivra in Sweden. Ours for a more complete package e besides Italy we look at markets like England, the United States and Anglo-Saxon countries in general, traditionally more ready to accept this type of innovation.

Hope that of introduce a new standard, and permanently replace long lines and heavy folders with very light digital documents and quick clicks on the phone. Today nobody wants to have 50 dedicated apps, with 50 different accounts and 50 different payment systems: the advantage of being within a single concrete environment in many respects. Not least the fact that companies would (or would they return?) Compete more fiercely, not so much with the level of mobile service they offer, but rather with the actual level of service. All for the benefit of consumers.


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