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Quickeys for Os X

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Quickeys for Os X logomacitynet1200wide 1

QuicKeys arrive on MacOs X. In recent days CE Software that has always developed this utility, among the most popular in the Mac world, has in fact announced that it has released a new version fully compatible with the new operating system. bring the application to the new operating system but it has entirely rewritten it in Cocoa adding new features aimed at integrating the product with the new OS. Among the important new features: the possibility of launching the Unix command string with a shortcut, transfer shortcuts developed from one machine to another, use the dock to store shortcuts, record mouse actions, perform complex operations with a single click, create toolbars that contain buttons for each shortcut and much more. CE site offering the new QuicKeys for $ 59.95. A review of the QuicKeys also available on the Apple USA site

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