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QuickerTek for iPad: 20 hours of autonomy with the external battery

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QuickerTek for iPad: 20 hours of autonomy with the external battery –

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QuickerTek presents a new external battery for iPad capable of offering up to 20 additional hours of autonomy for users of the Apple tablet. Externally the battery made of anodized aluminum, while inside housed a capacity of 45Watt / hour made with lithium polymer cells with intelligent charging and automatic recharge balance which, according to the manufacturer, guarantee at least 2,000 charge / discharge cycles.

The external battery for iPad integrates two USB ports that allow you to connect iPad, iPhone, any iPod and even any other device or gadget with USB power supply. In addition to being able to charge two devices simultaneously, one of the two USB ports allows you to recharge the external battery using an Apple power supply or any other USB power supply. The external battery for iPad integrates circuits for power and temperature control and protections that make this accessory particularly suitable for operation with Apple devices. QuickerTek offers the external battery for iPad at the price of 250 dollars, about 205 euros.

Also from QuickerTek for iPad we mention two other accessories: iPad Charge Monitor and iPad solar Panel. The Charge Monitor activates the USB port of the Mac to ensure constant power and charging for iPad, thus eliminating the "Not charging" message that often appears on the iPad screen when connected to some Macs. A series of LEDs on the Charge Monitor allow to know on the fly and with a single glance if the recharge in progress and also the speed of the process. The Charge Monitor proposed at $ 29.95, around € 25.

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QuickerTek declares that the 10Watt foldable solar panels are able to power and recharge iPad just as happens with the Apple power supply supplied as standard with the tablet. The Charge Monitor is also included in the package, which allows you to monitor the charging procedure and the speed of the operation. Solar panels for iPad are offered at $ 250, around € 205. For more information on QuickerTek accessories for iPAd you can visit this web page.

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