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Quark: Xpress 6 will be paid

After sending a series of e-mails to some of its registered users, messages in which the next release of version 6.0 of Xpress was mentioned, today Quark returns to talk about the new release.

To do so, it presents a press release that serves to better illustrate, although always in a rather summary way, the expected update of the video layout program.

Xpress 6.0 will work natively on both Mac OS X and Windows XP and Windows 2000 by adapting to the interface of all three operating systems.

The menus will be reorganized to facilitate the use of the application without radically changing its use.

The undo system which now supports multiple "undo" and "repeat" is also radically improved; the list of commands that can be canceled is also lengthened.

Quark 6.0 will also be able to show full-screen and full-resolution images and photographs by eliminating the "pixelation" effect and allowing precise positioning of the same images. This function will be controlled by an add on that will be distributed, reads on the Quark website, to those who register version 6.0

Quark then specified that it was incorrect to interpret yesterday's series of emails as the announcement of a free update from Xpress 5 to Xpress 6. Only customers who join the ServicePlus program will receive Xpress 6 for free. For all the rest of the buyers it will be a paid update.

Quark also pointed out that further details on Xpress 6 will be presented in the coming weeks and that a release date cannot be announced yet.