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Quark Wrapture 1.5

Quark has started the beta-testing of version 1.5 of Wrapture, the three-dimensional visualization software that accelerates the entire production process – from graphic design to release on the market – dedicated to the world of graphic design and the packaging industry in particular .

For those unfamiliar with it, remember that the application is based on the integration of industrial graphic design with the CAD structure, allowing you to create a virtual container in a single file and generating a three-dimensional representation of the same.

Electronic simulations of demonstration models in JPEG or QuickTime VR format are possible.

The possibility of being able to view the assembly of a container on the screen, being able to observe it from all sides, offers enormous advantages. In the case of errors, these can be corrected immediately, thus avoiding the huge investments of money and time that would result from a correction of errors following the finished product.

The new version 1.5 will include new dedicated tools that will allow, among other things, to also design bottles and cans. There will be a materials manager and a panel thanks to which it will be possible to change the attributes of one or more parts of a rendered model on the fly.

Among the other new features, the possibility to export the rendering dynito in Macromedia Flash format or on TIFF files is worth mentioning. Animated sequences can be exported as QuickTime movies.

It has not yet been announced when version 1.5 will be released but it is likely that it will appear for the next MacWorld Expo. [By Newton]