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Quark Beta for Italians

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Beta Quark for Italians logomacitynet1200wide 1

Quark yesterday released the 5.0 beta version of Xpress for international customers. Previously the released beta version worked only on the American operating system. The 5.0 beta version, which in fact the Passport which also contains the Italian language, allows you to view the numerous new features of the layout program. Among others, we can mention the orientation to the Web and the ability to create tables without resorting to the use of external applications such as Excel. Downloading the beta version can be tiring for the popularity that this new version of the Denver company program is experiencing. Quark relies heavily on the success of QXP 5.0; the previous version 4.0 had aroused numerous controversies on the part of the loyal user base for the scarcity of innovations and for the instability that had forced Quark to immediately release a 4.1 version to the knocker. Version 5.0, they say to Quark, will avoid these problems even if a few months later, a 5.1 version will be released which will include Carbon compatibility among the main innovations. Version 5.0 only runs in a classic environment.

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