QNAP TS-831X Turbo NAS, future-proof performance

Reading speed of 1499MB / s and writing of 665MB / s, SATA 6GB / s ports and dual SFP + 10GbE LAN ports integrated for QNAP TS-831X Turbo NAS

QNAP measured and validated the performance of QNAP TS-831X Turbo NAS by internal tests. The results showed that a TS-831X with eight solid-state drives (SSDs) capable of reaching read speeds of 1499MB / s and 665MB / s write speed with the entirely native SATA 6GB / s ports and dual SFP + LAN ports 10GbE integrated, making it the perfect solution for applications that require high bandwidth.

SSDs are becoming increasingly important on the market, thanks to lower costs, the elimination of noise and reduced consumption of electricity. Therefore they represent the best choice for uncompromising I / O performance and 10GbE applications. A TS-831X with eight native 6Gb / s SATA ports allows users to take advantage of an SSD cache without any limitation in slot locations. Even in a RAID 5 or RAID 6 configuration, SATA 6Gb / s ports can still guarantee maximum throughput performance without internal I / O and limited data access from non-SATA 6Gb / s ports.

QNAP TS-831X a storage solution with a competitive quality / price ratio and designed for growing companies that need to speed up data access, backup, restore, private cloud operations and organize their future-proof IT infrastructure for 10GbE networks.