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QMidi, the Midi, Karaoke and CD + G player for Mac is updated

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QMidi, created by the Italian developer Bruno di Gleria a $ 12 shareware (less than 10 euros) capable of transforming any Mac (even very old models) into a "karaoke machine" or an excellent midi player with extreme versatility.

It can organize and reproduce many types of multimedia archives including movies, CD + G, MP3 Karaoe etc and can create an easy synchronization of texts to be combined with the skills of Pitch Shifting, transposition of chords, change of time etc … and the possibility to display the text both in full screen and on a secondary monitor. Inside including a midi mixer with GS effects.

The intuitive interface allows you to work immediately and to compile lists of your favorite songs (up to 16,000) to be played with friends or to be programmed for editions. Supported formats soon Midi 0 and 1, AIFF / AIFC, MP3, AAC, Sound Designer II, WAV, AVI, DV, Motion JPEG, MPEG, CDG, WMV (requires Flip4Mac) and many others that can be managed with QuickTime. Songs can be chained or repeated in a loop. Full Midi communication allows the use of external expanders or application control via Midi remote control or with Apple Script.

In most cases just drag Mid, Kar, Mov or CD + G archives to the application window to start playback.

Also very interesting is the option to export MIDI files in AIFF format (and maybe later in MP3) to create bases without a guide instrument or voice to be performed on iPod, iPhone and iPad, also if altered time and tonality of a base these transformations are stored for later playback and this happens for both Midi and audio files. The lyrics of the songs can be exported with the synchronization data.

If you have CD + G archives you can now export them directly in .Mov format to upload to iPod, iPhone and iPad and view them as a movie by scanning the karaoke lyrics. You can download QMidi from this page of the developer's site.

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