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Put an iPad in your Macintosh Classic and …

Put an iPad in your Macintosh Classic and … – Macitynet.it

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The Youtube video has been on the net for a few days but now the author, an enterprising Japanese modder, has realized that his very special iPad dock, made by inserting a brand new Apple tablet into the chassis of a Macintosh Classic can turn into a comfortable one too if cumbersome tool for word processing.

Let's start from the dock / stand: as you can see from the video below it is a very normal Macintosh Classic which has been removed from the CRT screen and where a hole of the right size to slide an iPad inside was drilled on the left side of the front frame adding a guide to keep it in the right position. Almost miraculously, the hole for the monitor corresponds to the touch surface of the Apple tablet and the operation (apart from the home button and the volume) is quite complete.

But the additional touch, the one that transforms the whole from a curiosity to a work tool by adding an external keyboard thanks to the USB connector. As our readers know, through the Camera Connection Kit it is possible not only to connect a digital camera but also keyboards and other peripherals even if they are not officially supported. Even our modder used an obviously Japanese keyboard with which it is possible to insert the texts without having to use the touch keyboard. But not only, we add, with an external keyboard it is possible to manage the Home button and adjust the volume, all operations otherwise impossible with the iPad "docked" in the Mac.

The video is also interesting to understand how simple it is to insert texts with non-western alphabets on iPad.

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