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Push notification does not come from Apple but from Cydia

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In March, Apple promised developers the notification via Push to offer a sort of background operation for the applications, but the announced release date "by September" has just expired and there is no news from Cupertino on the horizon.

The operating system of the iPhone and iPod touch does not allow to run applications in the background, a detail that has annoyed several developers, although it cannot be said that this lack has somehow slowed the development for iPhone. The impressive number of applications available on the App Store confirms this directly.

Some observers from the Mac world explain the missed appointment in September with the Push notification, we recall a date self-imposed by Apple, with the problems related to Firmware 2.0 which required a greater commitment from Cupertino. This could have forced Apple to allocate more resources for updating to Firmware 2.1 and overshadowing other functions and projects including precisely the Push notification.

This is a plausible explanation but the most pessimistic could also attribute the delay to problems and technical difficulties directly related to push notification. The solution devised by Cupertino not to burden the operation of the iPhone and at the same time guarantee a sort of multitasking and backgroud operation, brilliant but perhaps not so simple to put into practice.

One demonstration of this is the free iPhone-backgrounder application that can be downloaded and installed via Cydia only for unlocked iPhone and touch users.

Backgrounder allows you to run applications in the background on the Apple's two touch pockets, but the list of warnings and limitations is much longer than that of the advantages offered. First of all, backgrounder available on Cydia offers background operation only for software officially distributed via the App Store but with important limitations.

In fact, no iPhone or touch program designed and written to work in the background, so the risk of malfunctions, crashes and lost data is high. For programs available on parallel channels, read not App Store, the author of Backgrounder recommends contacting the developers to request that the functionality be included in a new software release.

Still users who want to use Backgrounder must create and edit a file for preferences for specific applications, finally we can expect significant slowdowns in the operation of the pocket and not least a conspicuous consumption of the battery.