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PumpOne, keep fit with iPod

During the summer the need to feel fit grows, either for the fateful "costume test", or to dispose of the binges that you allow yourself during the holidays. Not everyone has the desire and time to sign up for a gym, or to undergo to exercises, perhaps taking on the cost and the presence of a personal trainer.

PumpOne is the solution both for those who attend a gym and for those who want the assistance of a personal trainer but would prefer to train at home, without schedules and commitments.PumpOne can choose one of the most selected training paths on your iPod (including iPod nano) based on the objectives you want to achieve (weight loss, endurance, flexibility, cardiac training and strength). Many fitness programs are available, adaptable to the most varied needs and different levels of commitment.

The use of PumpOne will not interfere with listening to music; you can combine your favorite music with the chosen exercises, which can be viewed on the iPod screen. Scrolling through the proposed images, you can follow the series of exercises, which will be explained to you through figures, progressive captions and various suggestions.

The price of the PumpOne programs is very varied and ranges from a minimum of 9 Dollars to super bundles even from 159 Dollars. PumpOne's proposals are compatible with iPod (compatible models are not specified but we think they are all models with the "note" function) and iPod nano 1G and 2G and can be purchased directly on the manufacturer's online store.