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Public wireless, but how much does it cost … especially in Europe!

The British BroadGroup has calculated the world average in $ 41 for a monthly wireless subscription for those who want to take advantage of public hot spots, that is, access points to the network with Wi-Fi wireless mode (IEEE 802.11b, that of the first version of AirPort … which in Japan, we remember, has always been called AirMac).

In Italy the public exploitation of this important solution still in the experimental phase and the paid one still not fully regulated, but in the rest of the planet a lot has been done from the legislative point of view.

37% of Internet Service Providers that have installed public access points apply a subscription and the analysis of BroadGroup has done the accounts in the pocket of these operators: in Europe a monthly subscription costs on average 62 dollars, in the USA 32 dollars and in Asia surprisingly, only $ 16.

If you look at the most popular daily "mini-subscriptions", it turns out that in Sweden prices are very low, $ 3.40 while over $ 33 costs a subscription in Switzerland; the average in Europe of $ 14.39 per 24 hours.

In Europe (where there are 1,458 areas covered by hot spots, only 12% of the world's access points) and Asia ISPs tend to manage the entire hot spot project while in the USA ISPs share the burdens with other structures (remember by the way the hot spots of bookshops and coffee shops).