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Public Administration and Open Source: the position of Minister Stanca

Giovanni writes: "A few days ago, on the occasion of the Roman visit by Bill Gates, a political-technological debate had started almost everywhere on the web, on the opportunity to host the President of Microsoft in parliament. I sent a e-mail to the minister Stanca, to remind him that there is not only Microsoft and that for the public administration open source software represents a great opportunity. In short, the person responsible for the interventions of the minister, dr. Francesco Leopardi Dittaiuti with the email I attach:

"Dear Doctor Fracasso, I refer to your note e-mail dated January 31 u.s. received by the Minister for Innovation and Technologies, who thanks you for your comments and willingness to promote innovation in our country. On the merit of your note, the Minister asked me to provide you with feedback. Mr. Gates' conference at Palazzo Giustiniani in the Senate it was part of a cycle promoted by the President of the Senate on the theme of globalization, started in January 2002 and to which important representatives and observers of the world scenario contributed with their interventions.

The cycle of conferences organized by the Senate of the Republic in the exercise of its prerogatives and above all in its full autonomy, first of all constitutional. Furthermore, the format of the event, being conferences, and not round tables, does not require the presence of multiple speakers. the hypothesis – proposed by some – of a possible contradiction with representatives of the world of open software falls.

With regard to the Government's activity regarding an evaluation policy on the use of open source in the public administration, I would like to point out that the Government Guidelines for the Development of the Information Society in the Legislature (available on the "home-page" of our website www.innovazione.gov.it provide a specific paragraph on the subject. Furthermore, on October 31, the Minister for Innovation and Technologies signed the Decree establishing the "Commission for open source software in the Public Administration ", in accordance with the plan to improve the efficiency, efficacy and economy of the state apparatus for the construction of which, in its own right, includes the study and evaluation of new developments in information technologies, such as the open source For this purpose, the Commission – making use of the best skills and involving the administrations most directly concerned – is effective r an in-depth analysis of technological and market trends and, comparing the positions on the subject of the European Union, the major industrialized countries as well as the ICT (Information and communication technologies) industry, will provide all Public Administrations with the elements of evaluation for choices and strategies regarding open source software.

For details, see also the Press Release of 8/11/2002, in the "Press Releases" section of our website, entitled "Stanca establishes the Open Source Commission in the Public Administration".

I also inform you that initiatives are underway to adopt "de facto" standards, such as the XML (eXtensible Markup Language) format, for sending documentation, such as, for example, already created for the registration of lease contracts ( see www.agenziaentrate.it/servizi/locazioni), for the Transplant Information System, the BSE control information system, Network standards, the Portal for businesses. Many other applications are currently being developed by administrations with this technology and others will be soon.

With best regards, Francesco Leopardi Dittaiuti Responsible for the interventions of the Minister for Innovation and Technologies "