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Proporta accessories for iPhone, iPod and all digital paperbacks

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Accessories for telephoning, listening, connecting and protecting iPhone 3G: on this page we find different iPhone cases starting from the elegant Alu-Leather Edge, made of leather with hand stitching and ABS inserts for maximum protection, up to the most protected cases. sports and waterproof that allow you to use and keep the Apple smartphone safe everywhere, even in the pool and on the beach.

For those who travel frequently for pleasure or for work, the Proporta travel kit with USB port, available on this web page, allows you to always stay in charge in any country we are in. It is a travel power supply that includes all the outlets to connect to the outlets in the United Kingdom, Europe, the United States, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and the Middle East. It is supplied as standard with a retractable cable and two adapters to power iPod and iPhone with a Dock port and a USB port.

Always for travelers, it is worth taking a look at the Special refill kit. It is a 3400 mAh portable battery that offers a USB and mini USB port to recharge on the fly and up to 2 or 3 times on a single charge a wide range of mobile phones, MP3 players including iPod and iPhone. The connectors included support the iPods and mobile phones Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung: if our device is not included, you can add the indispensable adapter free of charge during the purchase: the price of 24.95 euros.

For all travelers interested in both the universal USB adapter and the portable external battery, Proporta has thought of a single offer that includes both. It's called Ted Baker Six Pack: it costs 29.95 euros and is located on this web page.

Proporta has a particularly rich choice of protective cases also for the third generation iPod nano, now available at advantageous prices given the recent introduction of the new nano. From elegant leather cases and hand stitching, such as The Shine, through the Playback Pack, made entirely of transparent polycarbonate and which reproduces the shape and opening of the containers of the historic music audio cassettes: once opened, it holds iPod nano in a vertical position, perfect for watching movies and protecting the player.

Proporta cases also include silicone, aluminum, waterproof cases and much more: the whole world of Proporta accessories for the third generation iPod nano available starting from this page. Finally, we remember two Alu-Crystal Case cases for owners of Nokia N95 and Nokia N95 8GB proposed with 50 percent discount.