Program to create free logos with Adobe Spark

Program to create free logos with Adobe Spark

create free logos with Adobe Spark

Why contact a professional graphic designer to create your company logo when you can create it easily but above all for free? We know well that the logo of a company is its visiting card, the image with which an activity is recognized. Precisely for this reason, the logo must summarize and represent all the communicative power of the company and who better than you who created it can give more than others cannot give? If you are looking for a tool that can meet your needs, in this article I want to introduce you to a program to create logos in a simple and free way. With Adobe Spark, online software, you can create a company logo by checking all the design phases. Read on to find out how it works.

Adobe Spark: program to create logos online

Adobe Spark is an online software to create logos without downloading any program to your computer. The project you are going to realize will be stored on the cloud, therefore, to design an Internet connection with Adobe Spark. The most interesting aspect is that no professional graphic skills are required, but it takes just a few minutes of rehearsal and you are ready to create your first logo.

Adobe has quickly made the design, providing a wide range of projects to start with, or, if you already know how to make your logo, you can start directly from the custom procedure, setting your project from scratch. But if you are a beginner, I suggest you start from a project already pre-set and then modify it according to your needs. This is the fastest procedure, to be able to abandon after having become familiar with the program, but trust us, it will not take long to learn the method.

The secret to start with Adobe Spark, to identify the project among those provided that comes closest to your needs and customize it with the tools made available by Adobe. Now, without further delay, we discover how easy it is to create a logo with Adobe Spark.

How to make a logo with Adobe Spark

To start, open your browser, go to the link of Adobe Spark and open the program to create logos online. You will be asked to log in to the program using different options.

adobe spark account

Choose the method you prefer, I entered using my Google account. An email will be sent to you immediately after confirming that you have created an Adobe ID. Continuing, you will be taken to the page of Formats, where you can choose the one that is closest to your needs.

select logo formats

There are so many formats, and each format category provided with different sub-categories. For example, the Social profile format allows you to create different Covers, such as Facebook profile cover, Facebook page cover, Facebook event cover, YouTube channel graphics, Twitch banner, Twitter header, Etsy cover, Linkedln profile cover, Eventbrite. When you mouse over one of these formats, you can also see the dimensions in pixels.

choose logo size

After selecting your logo format, click on Come on to continue. From the next page you can select an image to be used in the logo among those proposed by the program. If you don't like them, you can upload photos from your computer or look for other free photos. Select your favorite image from the proposed options and click on Come on.

choose photo

On the next page, you will already see the setting of the logo in the chosen format, from here you can modify the Text and the Image. With the double click you can modify the text, while in the bar on the right you can use the other tools to customize your logo.

customize logo

From this page you can modify the image, insert text, apply filters, change colors and much more.

design logo

Once you have completed the changes and feel satisfied with the project created, you can finish by entering the project name at the top left, which is stored in the cloud. You can also decide to download the logo on your computer. To do this, you need to click on top right Download and a menu will open, from which you can select the format to download the logo.

image formats

After selecting the appropriate format for you, click on Start download. You will get the logo on your computer's hard disk to be able to use it as you wish.

download logo


As you have seen, it is very easy to use this program to create logos online. But as you can see, the Adobe Spark logo appears in the lower right corner. If you want to delete it, you need to purchase the professional version of the program. The company offers three different versions, the free one with the use of the basic functions of the program. The Pro version for single user and professional features at the cost of 12 / month and the Pro TEAM version for managing multiple users from a single account at the price of 24.39 / month. Annual plans are also planned with further savings. For more information on Adobe Spark plans, go to dedicated page company.