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Professional Peripherals for Audio and Midi from Edirol

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DA-2496 and an audio interface for computers in rack format, which connects to the Mac via the supplied PCI card. This system allows to obtain high quality audio performance at 24 bit / 96 kHz and provides a professional audio interface with 8 inputs and 8 outputs, digital connectors (S / P DIF), Word Clock and MIDI.

Main features: – Up to 8 simultaneous input and output tracks for multitrack recording on PC and Mac – Extreme flexibility in the choice between balanced and unbalanced TRS connectors, including both condenser (phantom power) and dynamic microphone inputs, and operating mode + 4 / -10 dB– Digital inputs and outputs S / P DIF optical and coaxial on dedicated channels – AD / DA conversion up to 24-bit / 96 kHz – Driver support ASIO 1.0 / 2.0 (Win / Mac), MME, WDM and Sound Manager (Mac) – MIDI IN / OUT – Quick access from the front panel to digital sources, such as DAT / CD / Minidisc – Compatibility with the most common audio recording and music seqencing software – Professional Word Clock synchronization via BNC jack (input / output) – suitable for project studio, both for audio and video productions

UM-880 an 8 IN and 8 OUT MIDI interface with a hardware MIDI Patcher in one unit, connectable to the computer via USB. UM-880 is based on the innovative Fast Processing Technology (FPT) which makes the transmission of MIDI data incredibly fast. In response to an incoming MIDI data stream, FTP optimizes the transmission of USB data. The huge advantage lies in the compatibility of FTP with all professional sequencer software. In addition, the brand-new Hardware Direct MIDI Routing (HDMR) technology of the UM-880 guarantees the MIDI Patcher function with ZERO latency, so that the unit can be used for instant management of different MIDI configurations at the press of a single button. Thanks to HDMR technology, it is possible to carry out routing with or without USB connection, so as to have full control of your studio even with the computer turned off or in live situations. Main features

Main features: – 8 IN x 8 OUT MIDI interface with LED activity indicators (128 MIDI channels) – FTP and HDMR technologies for MIDI performances and transmission – 2 selectable USB ports (on the front and rear panel) – Unique Merge function, for instant management of MIDI set ups – Patch Memory for saving routing configurations – Preview, Cable Check, MIDI Event Filter settings

The public price of DA-2496 is L. 1,599,000 VAT included while the price of UM-880 is L. 849.00 VAT included. For more information visit