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Problems with SMS on iPhone firmware 1.1.3: Apple admits

Among the many new features, the release of firmware 1.1.3 has led to the introduction of sending SMS to multiple recipients. Unfortunately something seems to have gone wrong: many users have started to find the history of messed-up messages, not respecting the chronological order according to which they arrived at their destination.

Many complaints have begun to appear on the official Apple forum, where iPhone owners have gathered to try to find a solution, or even just to express their annoyance against these problems.

On January 21, Apple published an official document, in which it admits the possibility that SMS can be viewed in non-chronological order; a problem that Apple does not explicitly consider a bug.

Apple only recommends selecting the automatic time setting for the mobile phone watch; if the defect recurs, the cause could be the reception of messages, often short, in a very short space of time, one within seconds of the other. Nothing else.

Users hope that in Cupertino, learned of the problem, work is being done to put a patch and bring the situation back to where it was before the release of the update.