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Problems receiving iPhone 4, AAPL suffers

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Problems receiving iPhone 4, AAPL suffers –

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Apple has not yet pronounced (and who knows if it will) on the advice that rains down from different parts with experts who warmly invite you to take responsibility for the now well-known reception problem affecting iPhone 4, but the market seems to have done so . During a very positive day for Wall Street (+ 1.44% the Dow Jones, +1.99 the Nasdaq), reinvigorated by the profits made by some companies operating in strategic sectors (including Intel) equities di Cupertino went against the trend, closing with a significant decline: -2.13%.

There is no doubt that the wave of sales (also underlined by very high trading volumes, 42 million pieces exchanged against 27 million on average) linked to the events of the last few days, before the survey by Consumer Report, a respected independent American association which has certified how effectively there is a problem in the configuration of the iPhone 4 antenna, and then the rain of opinions and interviews of experts and lawyers according to which Apple would do well to prepare as soon as possible a program that leads to an extraordinary repair or some initiative to mitigate the problems that iPhone 4 customers experience.

The opinions on what will happen beyond the actions of Apple seem, however, to be quite agreed: sales should not be influenced in a decisive way even if such a clear stance by an influential association such as Consumer Report could affect, but there is a risk that sooner or later Apple will be forced to make a recall and to changes to the design of the iPhone 4. Otherwise, numerous class actions may arrive which, given the conditions, could have a good chance of success. In one case or another, this is the fear of investors, Apple may be forced to spend a lot of money, hence the weakness of AAPL shares.

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