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Privy Chat for Facebook, do not send reading confirmation in Messenger

Privy Chat for Facebook, do not send reading confirmation in Messenger

In this last month we have talked a lot about the new WhatsApp reading notification, the double blue tick, and the consequences that led to making this feature optional, for reasons of privacy and user protests. But on Facebook Messenger the same thing happens, but today we see how to disable the sending of the read receipt using the application Privy Chat for Facebook.

As you well know, Facebook Messenger also sends the read receipt as soon as we go to read the message, but thanks to the use of the Privy Chat for Facebook application, we will disable this function, thus being able to read the various messages that we receive anonymously .

To do this, all we have to do is download the application from Play Store and follow the steps that we will see below:

  • Download and install the application,
  • log in with your Facebook credentials the first time you start the application,
  • now you will have to wait for the reception of a first Messenger notification message through the classic Chat Heads,
  • when the notification arrives do not open it, but start Privy Chat,
  • on the application you can find all the threads you have inMessenger in text format, given the inability to open attachments on third-party apps,
  • now if you want to send the notification, open messenger normally, otherwise if you don't want to send the notification, read the message directly from Privy Chat for Facebook and the sender will not know that you have read his message.

You can do the free download Privy Chat for Facebook directly from the Play Store.

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