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Privacy Policy

Welcome to the Privacy Policy

We have compiled this Policy to help you better understand the nature of your relationship with us and to allow you to make informed decisions about certain aspects of our relationship. Therefore, we encourage you to read this Policy carefully. Your continued use of our website confirms your agreement with this Policy. We understand and respect your concerns about the privacy of your personal information. Because of this and because trust is the main component of our business, we want to explain some of the key principles that underpin this Policy. This policy aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • Be sure to understand what kind of information about you we collect with your permission;
  • explain what we do with such information; Y
  • They hold us responsible for the protection of their rights and their privacy under this Policy.

Personal information we collect

As used in this Policy, “personal information” means all data that relates to an identifiable human being whose identity is apparent, or can reasonably be inferred, from the data.

Our website does not collect your personal information, with the exception of your IP address and certain information collected by Google Analytics, as will be explained below. In addition, our website may be detecting non-personal geographic location information to optimize our service, however, our website does not collect your exact geographic location or associate the geographic location data detected with a specific user. We do not sell your personal information to advertisers or other third parties. In certain cases, we may request your email address to contact you. If this happens, your email address will only be used to contact you and delete it when requested.

Use of IP addresses and browser settings

When you visit our website, we record the IP address and browser settings of your computer or other device. The IP address is the numerical address of your computer or other device used to visit our website. The browser settings may include the type of browser you use, the language of the browser and the time zone. We collect this information so that we can track the computer or device used in cases of misuse or illegal actions in relation to visits or the use of our website. In addition, we may collect this information for various internal business purposes, such as:

  • generate statistics;
  • measure traffic and popularity of content areas;
  • collect broad demographic data for potential advertisers;
  • identify usage trends and expand our business activities;
  • general data analysis and administration of our site and affiliated sites;
  • improve or modify our website, developing new services and functionalities; Y
  • Comply with applicable legal requirements and legal process, requests from government authorities, relevant industry standards and our internal policies.

We may also use your IP address and browser settings in other ways and for other purposes for which we will provide you with a specific notice on this website at the time of collection. We may use or disclose your IP address and browser settings for any legitimate purpose to the extent permitted by applicable law.

Google analytical

We use a tool commonly known as “Google Analytics,” an industry standard analytical tool operated by Google, to collect information about the use of our website. We also rely on Google Analytics for graphic advertising and personalized advertising purposes, as these terms will be explained below. Google Analytics collects information, such as how often users visit our website and other sites they visited before arriving at our website. We use the information we obtain from Google Analytics in order to improve our website.

Google Analytics only collects the IP address assigned to your computer or other device and your browser settings on the date you visit our website, instead of your name or other identifying information. We never combine the information collected by using Google Analytics with any other personally identifiable information. Although Google Analytics will generally plant a permanent cookie in your web browser to identify you as a unique user the next time you visit our website, that cookie cannot be used by anyone other than Google. Google’s ability to use and share information collected by Google Analytics about your visits to our website is restricted by the  Google Analytics Terms of Use  and Google privacy policy  . Please note that you can prevent Google Analytics from recognizing you on subsequent visits to our website by disabling cookies in the browser of your computer or device.


We may use cookies to personalize our website for returning visitors. These cookies are not necessary for the functionality of the website. In addition, third-party ad networks and our business partners, such as Facebook or YouTube, may install cookies according to your configuration. You are not required to accept cookies in order to use our website. Also, keep in mind that many web browsers contain a feature that allows you to manage your preferences regarding cookies. More specifically, you can configure your browser to reject certain cookies or delete them completely. You may be able to manage other technologies in the same way that you manage cookies using your browser preferences. On the other hand,

A cookie is a small file that is placed on your computer or other device when you visit a website that can be understood by the website that issued the cookie. We and Our Partners (as this term is explained in the next section) use the information collected by cookies to remember who you are to log in and your preferences, to provide content tailored to your needs or interests and to evaluate how our site is Web. used. You can accept or decline cookies through your browser settings. For more information, see the cookie settings available in your specific web browser (s).

On-screen advertising (also known as third-party advertising) on ​​our website

We may allow third parties, including carefully selected advertising networks and business partners of TheSoul Publishing (hereinafter,  “Our partners”  ), to display advertising on our website. Because of that, our website may display advertisements from Our partners that link to the websites of Our partners. We cannot control or take responsibility for the privacy practices and content of our partners. We recommend that you read their privacy policies to find out how they collect and process your personal information.

In addition, some of our partners may recognize your computer or device through cookies or other technologies each time they send you an online advertisement. This allows them to understand where you, or other people who are using your computer or other device, saw your ad and to deliver ads that they think may be of interest to you.

Personalized advertising (previously known as interest-based advertising)

Our website allows Our partners to collect certain information about you to provide personalized advertising. Our partners are leaders in advertising groups based on digital performance that make a great effort to ensure that your personal information is secure and used properly. They may collect certain information from your computer or device, such as:

  • your gender;
  • your age;
  • your location; Y
  • areas of your interests

In addition, they may collect certain information related to your PC, laptop, mobile phone or other device attributes and traffic / session information, such as:

  • the model of your computer or device;
  • the brand of your computer or device;
  • the details of the agent of your computer or device;
  • the identification of your computer or device;
  • session durations; Y
  • activity information.

Use of information for personal advertising

The information collected by Our partners is used to analyze trends, understand user activities and collect demographic information to enable, manage and develop your personalized ads and related services. Our partners can share this information with their affiliates. To do this, our partners use technologies such as cookies and web beacons to collect information about their interaction with our website and third-party websites. This type of information does not identify you personally and, in general, is added with other data to create segments: user groups and general interest categories that are deduced based on a number of factors (for example, “sports fan “).

In addition, our partners may use the information collected from these types of cookies or similar technologies for a variety of other purposes, including:

  • along with advertising that appears on other third-party websites;
  • to measure the effectiveness of email and web-based ads; Y
  • to report website traffic, statistics, advertising data and other interaction with advertisements and the websites on which they are served.

Our partners retain your information in accordance with their legitimate business purposes for processing. Thereafter, the information is deleted, archived for restricted legitimate interests or anonymized. Unidentifiable information can be maintained without time and use limitations.

We do not have access or control over cookies or other features that our partners may use, and the information practices of our partners and third-party websites are not covered by this policy. Contact them directly for more information about their privacy practices.

Why do you want to receive personalized ads?

Consumers like to receive personalized ads for many different reasons. Custom ads are useful because they are more adapted to your particular interests. Personalized ads are more likely to help you discover new products and services that are really relevant to you and your interests. In summary, receiving personalized announcements can help improve your access to new products, services and features that are most relevant to you. Also, you won’t see the same ads over and over again, since the number of times you see a particular custom ad is limited. By disabling custom ads, you lose all these benefits.

Choose not to receive personalized ads

If you do not want our website to show you personalized ads, we recommend that you do the following:

Please note that if you choose to unsubscribe, your opt-out option will be managed through the use of cookies. If you delete these cookies or use a different browser or computer, you will have to make this same selection again.


Our website may have “add-ons” (like the “Like” button on Facebook) to third-party sites or log in offers (such as logging in with Facebook) through a third-party account. Third-party add-ons and login features, including loading, operation and use, are governed by the privacy policy and terms of use of the third party that provides them.

Other situations

We may disclose your IP address and other information about you:

  • as part of the sale of one of our websites to another company;
  • to protect and defend the rights and property of TheSoul Publishing Group (including with respect to the application of our Terms and Conditions); Y
  • when required by law, a government authority or a court order.

Contact Us

If you have questions or concerns regarding the privacy of your personal information or this Policy, contact us directly as specified in the contact form on this website.


We seek to use reasonable organizational, technical and administrative measures to protect your IP address and other personal information within our organization and regularly monitor our system for vulnerabilities. However, since the Internet is not a 100% secure environment, we cannot guarantee or guarantee the security of information about you. Keep in mind that electronic communication, in particular email, is not necessarily secure against interception. For these reasons, we ask that you refrain from sending us personal information about yourself or anyone else on the Internet, unless strictly necessary.

Changes to this policy

If we decide to amend this Policy, we will post the changes on this website before such modifications take effect. In addition, we will indicate the effective date when this Policy will be modified. You will then have the opportunity to decide if you wish to continue using our website under the modified Privacy Policy.