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Print from Android: what are the best applications?

HP ePrint stampare da Android

With the latest generation smartphones and tablets, printing on the sheet of paper is certainly not one of the most common actions. However, you can proceed to press, even without the need to transfer the file or document of your interest to your PC. What are the best applications for print from Android? Here is ours short list.

HP ePrint: we open the list with the official application of the multinational of Palo Alto. The strong point of this proprietary software that supports any HP printer, including older ones, capable of using the network connection. Once documents are sent from smartphones, tablets and phablets, you can proceed with ease in printing PDF, web pages, photos and various questions even if you are away from home or office.

Cloud Print print from Android

Cloud Print: Google's application offers you the opportunity to print documents from your mobile device through one printer on, connected to the computer. For the correctness of the operations, you must necessarily use the same Google account, both on the Android smartphone / tablet and from Chrome, connecting the pc and the mobile device to the same wi-fi network. Even if you are away from your home or office printer, Cloud Print allows you to print remotely. And to print documents from other Android applications? All you have to do is press the button Share, viewable in the various user interfaces, following the opening of the document, and proceed with the relative sending to the Google application. If you work in the office, Cloud Print allows you to share the printer with multiple Google accounts. The advantage? Multiple users can print from a single printer.

PrinterShare Mobile Print print from Android

PrinterShare Mobile Print: one of the most complete applications for print from Android in mobility, as it uses Bluetooth, USB and of course the wireless connection. Too bad for the lack of support for some rather common printer, but in terms of operation it does its full duty.

PrintHand Mobile Print print from Android

PrintHand Mobile Print: of all the applications mentioned in this post, the one in question is the most professional of all, so much so that the software touches the 10 euros (price not for everyone). What's so special? Remote printing, availability of cloud storage, printing via USB from Android 4.0 and higher and a voluntarily minimalist graphic are the factors that make the use of PrintHand Mobile Print.

UrlToPDF print from Android

UrlToPDF: a scanner app particularly useful for printing on PDF. How does it work? First you need to associate it with a traditional printing application, then transform the document or web page into a PDF file and insert the link. Excellent parameters to set the text printing.

Breezy print from Android

Breezy: an excellent application for print from Android, whose operation does not differ much from that of Cloud Print. Just install the application on your mobile device and the program on the PC.

With these applications, you are only spoiled for choice to print your files.

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