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Predator in splatter version on iPhone and iPad

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A click on the App Store and Predator runs on the iPhone and iPad screen. The arrival of the bloody and fearsome alien seen for the first time on the big screen coupled with Schwarzenegger, debuts in version for the Apple platform with a very interesting and graphically evolved title and very… splatter, where the player plays the role of Predator and humans, controlled by the game itself, prey on them.

Predator, as in the film, has enormous firepower, different and all fearsome weapons, the well-known ability to blend in with the environment and a view that allows it to distinguish without failing its surroundings. The plot takes us not on earth but on the planet of Predator and the very bad humans of the criminals on earth are there to kill us (all should help us digest the fact of impersonating the role of a very bad on earth). These are nine characters (mercenaries, assassins, groups of soldiers, prisoners, high-level snipers and much more) to be crushed in 24 well-designed levels; by handing over their heads one by one we will rise in the social ladder of the Predators. The very particular technique: you have to work on strategy trying to isolate and kill them one by one using the controls with virtual joysticks already seen in other Chilingo titles. All accompanied by the typical "predatorian" sounds

Predator, in the title of which Robert Rodriguez is mentioned the Mexican director author of Sin City who is preparing to release a film that should resurrect the Predator saga focusing on the "blood and gore", as mentioned in the iPhone and iPad version "Universal" (downloading it you play it on both platforms) and it costs 2.39 euros.

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