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PowerLogix: dual 1.2 GHz upgrade cards

New series of update cards for old and new PowerMac from PowerLogix.

The highly active Texana company beats the competition by offering the 1.2 GHz biprocessor upgrade, the PowerForce Dual 1.2, first on the market. The card suitable for all G4 models, from the AGP model up to the most recent QuickSilver and is supplied complete with all the necessary instructions to allow installation without the intervention of a specialized technician.

PowerLogix also announced 233 series single processor models, available in 800, 1 GHz and 1.2 GHz cuts.

These cards are also suitable for upgrading the Mac Cube which, on the other hand, is not supported with 1.2 GHz biprocessors.

"We are working to try to introduce the 1.2 GHz biprocessor cards also on the Cube – they say to PowerLogix – but for now there are technical obstacles that cannot be overcome". PowerLogix offers biprocessor cards for Cubes (also equipped with a revised and enhanced power module) up to 1 GHz.

All PowerForce cards have 2 MB of third level cache with SDR technology.

PowerLogix also announced today a series of ZIF upgrades compatible with the older beige, blue and white G3s and the original G4s with PCI slots. The cards have an 800 MHz IBM PPC 750FX G3 processor with 512k cache. "For this type of machines – specifies PowerLogix – it is not possible to create upgrade cards with G4 due to an incompatibility at the motherboard chipset level, incompatibility that would be too expensive to circumvent with an ad hoc technological solution"

Also new in the field of updates for laptops. PowerLogix today announces a new model of Blue Chip for the 800 MHz Gismo Pismo whose main feature is the ability to control the processor speeds via software without restarting. The processor (a PPC 750FX) can be set from 300 to 800 MHz extending the battery life without substantially affecting the performance of some applications that do not fully exploit the maximum speed of the processor.

Finally, always talking about old Macs, PowerLogix has announced an 800 MHz update for the old PCI PowerMacs.

The 1.2 GHz models will go on sale in two weeks; the remaining cards in two to three weeks.

Prices will be announced later today.