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PowerBooks 17 lose 2x DVD

PowerBook 17 lose 2x DVD – Macitynet.it

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'Downgrade' steering wheel for the new 17-inch PowerBooks.

From the technical specifications of the machines presented in San Francisco, the 2x Superdisk, one of the most interesting news in terms of archiving, has disappeared. In its place a more common 1x DVD-R and CD-RW burner the same (probably), which we have seen since last November on Titanium.

The reason why Apple changed course and decided to mount a drive that is still interesting but slower than what it had in mind, is not known. As always, we can only make assumptions of which the most credible that Panasonic (the supplier of the disk) is not able to supply it in time for the expected delivery date of the machine, set, as mentioned for the end of February.

In the presence of the risk of delaying the machines (or of being forced to deliver them with the dropper) Apple would have opted for a downgrade of the laptop which reduces its technological equipment but guarantees its delivery terms in a time.

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