PowaTag, the instant shopping app, arrives in Italy

PowaTag, the instant shopping app, arrives in Italy

Presented in Milan, PowaTag is an app for mobile shopping that caters to consumers and retailers, perfect for impulse purchases

Milan – We had already talked about it last spring at PowaTag, the new service designed for retail trade that allows consumers to conclude your purchases via smartphone directly in the store, online or through advertising in newspapers, radio and TV. At the base is a technology patented by Powa Technologies that allows you to buy items from any advertising medium, be it a surface, a screen or even an audio source, thanks to a simple scan via smartphone.

Purchases in a closed shop - Photo by Luigina FoggettiShop purchases closed via QR Code (Photo: Luigina Foggetti)

And so the store becomes smart: on the occasion of the PowaTag launch event, 14 items of the Motivi clothing chain were made available exclusively through the app in the Milan store of Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, with a 10% discount on the sale price. Customers can now buy clothes through the QR code present on giant shapes and digital screens, or through special devices Audio Tag, a feature that allows you to purchase a product after viewing the advertisement on television, listening to the promotion on the radio or hearing an announcement during a public event.

Purchase through instant PowaTag, with the transaction completed in just a couple of clicks.

AudioTag - Photo by Luigina FoggettiAudioTag (Photo: Luigina Foggetti)

This was only the first of other agreements that are about to be presented We are working with about fifty other brands, and hope to launch another campaign by the end of the year, says Germano Marano, sales director for Powa Technologies in Italy. We are in contact with other companies in the large-scale retail sector, electronics and even airline companies.

After the first two weeks, if the PowaTag technology brings the desired results in terms of download and actual use it will be extended to the other garments of the 2014-2015 collection, says Giovanni Leone, Chief Digital and Information Officer of the Miroglio group. We have good reason to believe we will be there a positive response from consumers, since Italians have always been particularly sensitive to the issue of mobile payments. The app will still not be used in its full functionality, ie the installation of beacons for proximity marketing activities, but it does not exclude it will happen later.

PowaTag responds to the need for shops to renew itself, the widespread deployment of mobile devices is revolutionizing not only the buying experience of the individual consumer, but also the retail world, as we were able to find out about the Connected Commerce.

Road test

After downloading the app, registration is completed in about a minute: you must enter all data relating to the future shipmentand credit card data, passages that allow then to speed up the whole purchasing process. The app has a very simple interface with few screens and features, all to allow you not to waste too much time. It opens on the main screen, the code scanner with the button for recording sounds immediately visible, and the reader really fast: if it intercepts a QR code immediately it goes to the next screen, so it also happens for the Audio Tag.

Purchases can be completed in seconds, with home delivery within 48 working hours.

PawaTag: the 3 steps that lead to the purchasePawaTag: the 3 steps that lead to the purchase

Dan Wagner, CEO and founder of Powa Technologies, optimistic and ambitious: "We can become bigger than Google. Soon you will see these tags everywhere: our buying process fast and intuitive". To date, 850 brands have signed agreements with PowaTag, but only two have already started. Wagner however calm: "The first results will be seen between late October and early November. Our key is simplicity and a fluid buying process: two touches of thumb and buy.

It seems strange to hear about innovation in the shopping system and then be surrounded by QR codes, at a time when there is much talk of a digital shopping and payment revolution, including Apple Pay, but in fact PowaTag is above all a new way of selling and optimize impulse purchases.



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