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Popular VPN service TunnelBear launches the Password Manager app

Popular VPN service TunnelBear launches the Password Manager app

There are a lot of great VPN services, but TunnelBear has to be one of the most popular. TunnelBear known for offering excellent VPN apps that are nice and friendly, thanks to the cute teddy bear, on multiple platforms. In addition, they also work very well to ensure you surf the Internet safely. Now, TunnelBear has just launched its new password management app, nicknamed RememBear . Nice name, right?

RememBear password management app available for free on Android, iOS, Windows, macOS and Chrome and, although still in beta, it looks pretty interesting. First of all, as the name suggests, the bear present in the app, if something you hoped for. In addition, the interface is quite elegant and you can add login information to remember or card information. Also, while trying it on my Android smartphone, I found out that the app supports unlocking with fingerprint scanner and Autofill, so if you have an Android Oreo smartphone, RememBear will cover you.

In addition to that, RememBear offers the security that is expected of TunnelBear, as the password management service features end-to-end and 256-bit encryption. The company also made sure that the software was controlled by independent and public auditors.

Well, the new password management app "RememBear" looks like a pretty capable app from TunnelBear and you should try it if you like the TunnelBear VPN service. However, it will be interesting to see how the app works, considering that there is a lot of competition from LastPass and Dashlane. I believe we will find out.