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Popular Mechanics on iPad: is anti-Wired coming?

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Popular Mechanics on iPad: is anti-wired coming? –

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The editorial staff of Popular Mechanics, a well-known US newspaper dedicated to science and technology, has announced that the digital version of the magazine will be published on the App Store next month. In addition to representing a new and important editorial product on the iPad, PopMech will also try to pass the application of Wired in quality, currently the pride of the magazines on the App Store. The format of the magazine, although very similar to other products that have already appeared on the Apple platform, will in fact present several innovations and multimedia features.

Not only will it be possible to see images and interactive content, but the videos will be coherently integrated into the pages of the magazine. Furthermore, more importantly, each issue will be constantly updated and will be changed for free and automatically: for example, if there should be news about a particular event, the article that talks about it would be updated with all the details even after the issue is published. PopMech launches a further gauntlet to Wired regarding the weight of its technology: if in fact the application of Cond Nast magazine weighs about 500MB, Popular Mechanics for iPad will require a download of only 60MB. Those who have already taken a first look at the number of the magazine arriving on the App Store have expressed enthusiastic comments, to say the least, but for all the others, we need to wait a little longer. Is we slowly getting closer to the standard of digital magazines?

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