Pokémon GO is not afraid of the coronavirus: indeed, the earnings are growing

Pokémon GO is not afraid of the coronavirus: indeed, the earnings are growing

In these lockdown days, together with the things we have stopped doing, there are those to which we have dedicated ourselves instead of more: among these, on average, there are video games. But there is a title that he risked, due to its nature, to gradually disappear from the horizon of its huge base of loyal players: Pokémon GO.

All the charm of the Niantic app, and the entire structure of the game, are based on the fact that the actions of the in-game character are a result of those of the player in the real world. After closing a Extraordinary 2019, with receipts that even surpassed those of the launch year (2016), Pokémon Go threatened to run into one real crisis.

But as we have told you in recent months, the Niantic's reaction has been ready, and the structure of the game has been gradually adapted to allow its use even in a period in which the longest journey to travel is the one that separates the sofa from the bathroom. We had dedicated one to the very first changes special, and then came those that encourage indoor activities (exactly, cleaning the house allows you to hatch eggs or receive candy from your buddy-Squirtle), the Abra Community Day of April 25 in the home version, and finally the activation of remote raids, although with some limitations.

Analyzing i financial results affecting the first months of 2020 provided by Niantic, not only do we discover that Pokémon Go has not in the least affected the situation, but we observe that after the physiological decline that follows the holidays it has registered a real soaring in March, and also i first data of May they register another peak, with revenues that touch the i $ 50 million.

For a better understanding of the data, however, it should be noted that they are the Japan he United States the countries that guarantee the great majority of the income: and they are also two nations that have adopted a late and not absolute lockdown.

Certainly, however, theeffect is almost paradoxical: and it is not said that if things continue to go this way, Niantic cannot evaluate keep some of the introductions from this period. Maybe linking them to particular events and periods: but it is still evident that the large pool of audiences fond of the title has an interest in being able to continue playing even from their own bedroom, and not only "wandering around the world", as the Italian theme song of the anime sang.

It should also be noted that from the point of view of the players, all the special concessions of this period must have presented themselves somewhat as an opportunity not to be missed to maximize the results with a minimum effort compared to that normally required. And that a sort of "special offer" effect has therefore been produced, so many have hurried to take advantage of the new mechanics, as long as there is time to do it.

And did you appreciate the changes with which Niantic redesigned the gaming experience? What other news would you like to see to make the Pokémon Go home experience even more engaging?