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Pokémon Go: car capture is prohibited

Pokémon Go

Pokmon Go yes or Pokmon Go no? By now the application of the year, if not the game of the decade, hunting continues to be incessant. As engaging and exciting as the gameplay can be, unfortunately there have been situations in which users have abused common sense going to put at risk not only their own safety, but also that of others.

The hunt for Picachu & Co. requires a lot of commitment and constancy on the part of the players, pushing them to always keep the app open so as not to miss even one. Unfortunately, several users have excess in these searches using their smartphone even during activities where it is expressly prohibited, such as driving.

Pokmon GoA little irony to ease the tension around the Pokmon Go world.

Precisely because of several accidents that have occurred for this unpleasant situation, Niantic has decided to introduce a block on hunting once a speed exceeding 20km per hour is detected, going to quench the Pokmon thirst of those who drive any means of transport, be it bicycle, car or motorbike.

Pokmon GoNiantic has specified that all Pokmon attributed / conquered incorrectly will be eliminated.

A few days ago a user from Ohio, USA, said he had received the Pokmon from Niantic herself Articuno thanks to an incorrect exchange. Among the fans the idea that the boy used cheats to work around the game was high, but Niantic has denied everything, refuting the email where the name of the legendary Pokmon was spelled incorrectly (Articundo), releasing this release:

We realized that legendary Pokmon were in accounts that shouldn't have been. To preserve the integrity of the game and as a measure of honesty, we have revoked the legendary Pokmon from the accounts of these coaches. "

And now that everyone, both honest hunters and non-gamers, feel piped up by Niantic, the war will be even more gripping and ruthless. Who will be able to catch them all?

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