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Podcast, the tutorial in Italian

A few days ago we published the news that Apple promotes the iApps to make Podcasts, that is the audio micro-transmissions broadcast via the Internet with a particular version of RSS feed (and listened to with iTunes 4.9). Apple also offers a tutorial on how to use some "standard" Mac apps, unfortunately in English.

Some readers, however, have written us to direct us towards what seems to be the most complete (and also one of the very few) tutorials dedicated to the Podcast in Italian. And all "made in Mac" (even if there is no lack of concessions used for Pc technologies).

We therefore advise you to turn around the Toilettecast pages and take a look at what you can find interesting to make (or improve) your Podcast. If you have iTunes 4.9 installed, this direct link will allow you to listen to the podcast

We also report Pendodeliri, again on the subject of Italian podcasting. The author, a commuter lost around the Grande Raccordo Anulare, records ideas, meditations and deep words behind the steering of his car, perpetually stacked in the morning traffic. Not to be missed…