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PMc, the first iPhone magazine

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PMc is coming, the iPhone-only magazine (in the sense that it can only be read on the small display of the Apple phone) created by Patrick McMullan, fashion and VIP super-photographer in New York who has decided to land on what he considers a platform innovative for the market. And the New Yorker dedicates space to it, because the phenomenon is interesting.

Here in the US there is a new desire for eBooks. And digital paper. And of new forms that give life (and money) to the agonizing publishing market of the New Continent, where half of the 1,500 local newspapers and large magazines distributed in Pharmacies and Malls could soon disappear, seeing budgets scaled down. A solution for large newspapers with almost national circulation was the reduction of the format: from the "broad" sheet to the compact format: Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, New York Times, and even the historic Rolling Stone magazine which came to terms with the its "giant" dimension. Why not reduce everything yet, virtualizing inside the screen of a mobile phone?

McMullan believes in it and the rookie's card is played, hoping that the competitive advantage of the firstcomer will allow him to make the race with the sound of 99 cents of a dollar (the cost of each number of PMc, given that the positioning "must be high and not cheap, "the new magazine's say to the New Yorker). The idea of ​​exploiting the desire for innovation and glamor that the Apple phone carries with it, because in reality similar initiatives, that is, reviewed only for a single hi-tech device, the Amazon reader that is looking for was already born with Kindle to make a market and is also about to land in Europe (Great Britain, perhaps France and even Germany).

The simple PMc project: beautiful photos, layout appropriate to the screen size, flexibility that also rests on a completely dry and adverb-free style of writing, adjectives and long phrasing (something in which English can be a master, compared to Italian) because the small size of the screen does not match well with the ponderous period. In New York, the editorial team is already working and working hard: the first issue must have already been out in these hours but our checks, thanks to the US account of the App Store so far have not produced positive results.

The attention of the media, although without anything concrete in front, however remarkable. Without a doubt, at least in the cultural capital of the United States, that is New York, the magazine has already become a virtual success. Now, it has to become digital too.