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Plug in Cg for Maya 4.5

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Cg Plug for Maya 4.5 –

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Nvidia and Alias ​​| Wavefront have announced in recent days the release of a plug-in for Maya 4.5 able to take advantage of the Cg programming language supported by the latest graphics cards that use GeForce chips.

The plug-in will allow those who use Maya to create animated figures and models the possibility of creating graphic effects and shadows more easily. The speed of execution of some specific rendering tasks will also increase, making use of all the hardware potential of the cards based on Nvidia systems.

For now, the plug-in is aimed at the Windows version of Maya 4.5 and creates shaders for directX-based platforms and allows you to view them in OpenGL on Maya.

Further information can be collected by consulting the Alias ​​| Wavefront and Nvidia websites

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