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PlayStation 2 with 50 million pieces: what about the 3?

PlayStation 2 with 50 million pieces: what about the 3? – Macitynet.it

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Over 50 million PlayStation consoles in its second version were produced by Sony: to be precise, 21 and a half million were placed in the USA, 16 million on our continent and 12 and a half million in Japan alone.

The advantage over the competitors Microsoft and Nintendo impressive: the GameCube of the other Japanese brand will reach 16 million total pieces by spring, the Microsoft X-Box will reach a total variable between 9 and 11 million consoles by mid 2003. that both Sony's contenders arrived twelve months later on the market. What can we expect from the future? The PlayStation 3 now at a good level of design, in these hours the US Patent Office has registered the basic architecture of the new "monster" of the games. Are you a PowerPC, the processor at the center of one of the "cells" that make up the technology of the PlayStation 3, with eight APUs (vector processors) each with 128 K of memory? The amazing clock will be 4 GHz, managing to produce 256 gigaflops, on a 1024 bit bus and 64 MB central memory? These "cells" could also be four, easily reaching the teraflop of computing power. internal elements could be optical / FireWire 800.All guesses? We'll see.

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