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Playing with iPad: the top ten (plus ten) games

iPad undoubtedly also a game machine. Hundreds of games are already available on the online store created specifically for the tablet or converted from the iPhone versions to be compatible with the hardware features of the new Cupertino creature. Unfortunately, choosing is not easy given the quantity and the consequent sense of disorientation that one experiences when navigating the Apple store. So Macitynet went ahead for you, looking for the five free ones that you can download to try your new iPad and the five paid ones to bet a few euros on.

Tap Tap Revenge 3 Tap Tap Revenge a clone of the most famous Guitar Hero, in which to press the right keys to the rhythm of music. Made to take advantage of the touch screen interface of iPad and iPhone, the strong game of a catalog full of famous songs to download and play with. Tap Tap Revenge 3 can be downloaded for free from this link.

Tap Tap Revenge 3 iPad

Pocket Legends The alternative for all fans of online games. Although far from the perfection of World of Warcraft, the title of Spacetime Studios allows you to create your own alter-ego for free and embark on an excellent multiplayer experience. Free from this link.

Pocket Legends iPad

We RuleTotally free, We Rule is one of the best real-time strategies for iPad: accompanied by a pleasant and colorful graphic, the player will have to evolve his village until it becomes a vast empire. Starting from this App Store page.

We Rule iPad

Castle Craft Made by the Freeverse team, Castle Craft is another real-time strategic, which differs from competitors such as We Rule for its focus on the multiplayer experience and for focusing more on battles than on the growth of its empire. Castle Craft available on this App Store page, always for free.

Castle Craft iPad

God Finger for iPad As the name suggests, GodFinger will put you in the shoes of a real divinity. We must develop our planet and its inhabitants, work miracles, please people and make sure that life thrives peacefully. Everything at your fingertips. Also God Finger for free on the App Store.

God Finger iPad


– WarChess, steroid chess, to play against iPad or against a friend – BioDefense HD, real-time strategy to defend your base from zombies – Racecar, the game of cars and tracks reinvented with ultra-colorful graphics – Alpine Crawler HD, on an 80s pick up on a mountain trip – Labyrinth 2 HD lite, balls slide realistically on a wooden surface

Angry Birds HD After the resounding success of the iPhone and iPod Touch, Angry Birds also arrives on the iPad. The goal is to break down green pigs that hide inside improvised fortresses. The weapon? Obviously birds catapulted with a slingshot. The HD iPad version of Angry Birds costs 3.99 euros on the App Store.

Angry Birds iPad

Fieldrunners for iPad One of the best tower defense for Apple portable platforms, Fieldrunners offers a very deep experience of increasing difficulty. You must place your armies to avoid the passage of continuous waves of enemies. Fieldrunners for iPad costs 5.99 euros on the App Store.

Fieldrunners iPad

Canabalt Born as a Flash computer game, Canabalt is a hymn to parkour: you have to jump from one building to another and avoid obstacles, in a long and desperate escape inside a city invaded and destroyed by aliens. On the App Store for 2.39 euros.

Canabalt iPad

N.O.V.A. HD The game for lovers of first person shooters: not even too covertly inspired by the famous Halo, N.O.V.A. set in a fascinating sci-fi scenario, full of enemies to exterminate. On the App Store for ‚ā¨ 5.49.


Plants VS Zombies HD (‚ā¨ 7.99) PopCap Games' Tower Defense differs from Fieldrunners in unparalleled humor. The aim is to defend your home from a zombie army by placing battle plants in your garden. A real must. Proposed on the App Store for 7.99 euros.

Plants VS Zombies


Pinball HD, the pinball machine like you've never seen it on iPad (2.39 euros) Asphalt 5 HD, racing on ultra-fast cars between incredible scenarios (5.49 euros) PAC-MAC For iPad, the yellow ball always hungry at the top definition (3.99 euros) Scrabble for iPad, a classic of board games to stay in company (7.99 euros) X-Plane for iPad, fantastic flight simulator with definition 4 times higher than that of iPhone (7, 99 euros)