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Play Store games section: big news coming soon, also for Google …

Play Store

Dear my video game friend, soon you can say goodbye to spending hours and hours looking for new and interesting games on the Play Store: Google assures you. Directly from the stage of the Game Developer Conferencewhich is taking place in San Francisco, Big G announces that some very interesting changes will be introduced for a more sensible and intelligent promotion.

According to what has been declared, it seems that Googlesi is activated in the first person so that certain games on the Play Store do not remain lost in oblivion, thus helping from the promotion the teams that are dedicated to this sector. The new algorithm will mainly rely on user involvement over time rather than quantifying its popularity related only to the number of downloads made.

Play StoreOften looking for something new within the Play Store can become truly unnerving …

But not only: Google is also refining a new service, managed by internal publishers, which will be able to create links to the new titles deemed most interesting, in order to more effectively recommend games in the Play Store that will offer you the perfect gaming experience on Android.

Big G does not stop there: it has also confirmed that it has found an agreement with the developers of the sector on any promotions to be made regarding the owners. They will be free to decide when to release their discounted applications or completely free for a certain period of time.

Play StoreOne of the new titles coming soon for the VR platform Google Daydream: Virtual Rabbids!

And to conclude with a flourish, Big G has announced that within the next few months 3 games will be published in the Play Store exclusively for its Google Daydream VR platform: these are Rabbids (developed by the joint venture between Ubisoft and the original creators of Rabbids), Beartopia, to play in co-op e Along Together, small 3D puzzle.

Are you anxious to try the new Google Daydream platform? Big G has also thought of this by making you available on March 1 on the Play Store for a week Need For Speed ​​No Limits VR, Keep Talking and Gunjack 2.

With these news, the top floors of Mountain View will try to drastically move the situation of the Play Store to the games section, where many, too many titles often suffer simply from bad use by users, thus failing to emerge and / or make themselves known and appreciate. Will it be the right move? What do you think?

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