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Play Store errors: let's get to know them better


Everyone on their Android devices use the Play Store, the place where you go to download apps and many other contents for your smartphones and tablets, sometimes it can happen that we encounter difficulties in downloading, with the store that tells us about the errors. Thanks to XDA community and in particular to the hackermohamedrashad, we see a detailed list that explains what these are due to Play Store errors.

For example, theerror 923 one of the most common, this could occur if the phone is on standby and you try to install an app from your computer through the Play Store website.It often disappears on its own after a few attempts, but sometimes, clearing the cache may be required to resolve the error. Another mistake that you might run intoerror 919, which occurs when the application is downloaded, but the free space available on the Android device is not enough to complete the installation. Here the simple solution, just free up the memory.

We then have theerror 911 which indicates something wrong with the app Play Store same. Clear your data by going to Settings> Applications. Or you may need to reconnect to the Wi-Fi network. These are just three of the many error codes described in the thread, you can see the complete list directly at this link.

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