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Platinum, the tweak for self-completion in the search for Safari on iPhone, iPod and …

Platinum, the tweak for self-completion in the search for Safari on iPhone, iPod and ...


Platinum a free tweak that allows you to have the autocompletion function when searching for Safari on iPhone, iPod and iPad

For some time Google Chrome internet browser available for iOS, then for iPhone, iPod and iPad.

Among the various innovative functions introduced by Chrome for iOS, we also find the auto-completion feature in the search within the address bar.

In practice, when we have to do an internet search, we can start typing our text in the address bar. Contrary to Safari, Chrome for iOS allows you to have the search auto-complete: based on what we type, the browser suggests letters and words to complete and speed up our search. Comfortable, useful, effective!

With the Platinum tweak for iPhone, iPod and iPad it will be possible to have the same autocompletion functionality also on Safari for all Apple portable devices. A function not essential, but very convenient and useful in my opinion. Thanks to this tweak, therefore, based on what you are going to type in the search bar on Safari, just as it happens on Google Chrome you will have the possibility to view suggestions in real time to speed up your search in an extremely quick and immediate way.

Thanks to the CydiaPlatinum tweak, therefore, we will have the possibility of having the autocompletion also in the research that we will do in the Safari internet browser on iPhone, iPod and iPad.

With tweakPlatinum for iPhone, iPod and iPad your search on Safari will be much faster, more comfortable and immediate. If you have a Jailbreak device, run to Cydia and download Platinum. It is free and is located in the ModMyi repo.

I point out that, by installing this tweak, you will not find any icon or setting in the iOS menu: just start the search in Safari to see the results recommended by Platinum.

To try.

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