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Plants Vs Zombies 2: tower defense for Android too …

Plants Vs Zombies 2: tower defense for Android too ...

Plants vs Zombies 2 the most anticipated game of this hot summer 2013. It will be available for all platforms by the third quarter of 2013 (some say by August 31, but there is still no official release date), also for Android therefore, in a free version.

Plants Vs Zombies 2: It's about time was to be launched worldwide on July 18, 2013, but then PopCap decided to a partial release, only in Australia and New Zealand, to test users' response to new game strategies. And while initially there was only talk of a launch for iOS, today it is assumed that even those who have Android will be able to field plants and zombies in their garden.

This new version of the game Tower defense most loved presents several novelty, first of all the possibility to buy and unlock elements of the game simply by paying. Change the whole thingsetting, with Crazy Dave traveling through time and finding himself first in Ancient Egypt, then in the world of pirates and finally in the Wild West.

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<p style=Unlike the first Plants vs Zombies, where the progression of the game was absolutely linear, this time the player can choose which path to take, whether to go ahead in the game or stop and unlock new levels. Paying you can obviously unlock all the levels, but you lose all the beauty of the game.

The soft-launch in Australia and New Zealand served to PopCap to better calibrate the various levels of the game, sometimes considered really impossible due to the difficulty of the users. The game must be stimulating, but not frustrating enough to push the player to give up.

Probably this delay therefore functional to the improvements that the game still needs. What about … we are in eagerly waiting, but if these extra days are needed to have a better gameplay, the delay is welcome!

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