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Plants against Zombie 3 available for iPhone, iPad and Android, but not in Italy

Piante contro Zombie 3 disponibile per iPhone, iPad e Android, ma non in Italia

It was one of the most popular tower defense games of all time, both in the first and in the second chapter, for its originality and the ability to paste on the screen: Plants vs Zombies, in Italian Plants against Zombies which, after a very long period of pause, it appears in the App Store and Google Play in its new incarnation Plants against Zombie 3.

As fans have already noted the title Plants against Zombie 3 does not take into account the various previous spin-offs, but continues the nomenclature of the original game, indicating that it is the third title in the main series. Recall that the name had already been made official in July 2019, but since then the application had only taken the form of a pre-alpha build. Now, the game has been launched in certain markets, such as the Philippines, Romania and Ireland.

Plants against Zombie 3 available for iPhone, iPad and Android, but not in Italy

Plants versus Zombie 3 will continue to be modified during this soft launch period, with EA taking player feedback into consideration. In addition, the developer expects to expand the product launch to other countries as the game is further enriched.

In terms of compatibility, the FAQs that accompany the release of Plants vs Zombies 3 refer to Galaxy S6 with KitKat (4.4), or higher, while on the iOS side, we are talking about an iPhone 6S, or higher, with iOS 13.1 installed on board .

The game itself will have some differences compared to its predecessors, with the most significant change in orientation: Plants against Zombie 3 is performed in a vertical orientation, rather than horizontal as the predecessors. In addition, it will also use a 3D graphic style, instead of the 2D aspect of the previous mobile interactions. The change will annoy the brand purists.

There will be several changes to the gameplay, as easily understood. For example, players will no longer have to keep Sunflowers in play to add them to their army of plants, because there will be new ways to produce the sun needed to plant their troops.

Plants against Zombie 3 available for iPhone, iPad and Android, but not in Italy

Plants vs Zombies 3 available on the App Store and Google Play in Ireland, Romania and the Philippines. At the moment there is no specific release date for the world launch, but it is known that it will be a free-to-play game with in-app purchases. Unfortunately.

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