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Pixel 4 was a flop: two Google executives leave the company

Pixel 4 was a flop: two Google executives leave the company

Google's Pixel 4 was a hole in the water in terms of sales and the failure of the flagship smartphone released by Google in 2019 caused two illustrious victims; as reported by The Information two important executives of Google's hardware division have left the company in recent months.

The Pixel 4 sold less than its predecessors: Google would have shipped only 2 million Pixel 4 in the first two quarters the phone was on sale, at least according to IDC estimates cited by The Information.

In comparison, Pixel 3 had reached 3.5 million phones shipped while Pixel 3A touched 3 million in the first two quarters of sales. Numbers that pale in the face of Apple iPhones: IDC estimates that Apple sold 73.8 million iPhones in the fourth quarter of 2019.

The flop led to the abandonment of two key executives: they would be the former general manager of the Pixel team, Mario Queiroz, and Marc Levoy, an engineer to whom we can attribute the development of the revolutionary AI functionality that has always guaranteed Google Pixels to carve out a place of honor among the best photographic smartphones available on the market.

Even Pixel 4 can only be unlocked with your eyes open

Two months before the launch of the Pixel 4, Queiroz apparently had already moved from the Pixel team to a different role, closer to the Google CEO Sundar Pichai, and then left Google definitively in January; Levoy instead left Google last March.

Also according to The Information report, some of the main criticisms of Pixel 4 would have come internally, by the head of the entire Google hardware division, Rick Osterloh.

During a plenary meeting of the hardware team in the autumn, in view of the launch of the Pixel 4 in October, Osterloh informed the staff of his doubts, stating that he did not agree with some of the decisions made regarding the smartphone, including the choice battery, one of the most criticized aspects in device reviews.

Google should shortly launch the new Pixel 4A, which is expected to position itself on the same market range as the new iPhone SE, pending the new Pixel 5 flagship model expected for next autumn.